Age reversal at a Quantum level is .... instant!

07/07/2013 20:47

Whether you're a label reader or not, you know the food you eat offers
certain vitamins, minerals, and of course, calories. You probably think
these nutrients are cut-and-dried, that if the back of the yogurt container
says it has 187 calories, then it has 187 calories. What you may not know
is that your thoughts about yourself and your food are in a constant
dance with your body.

That's what I hope "The NEW AntiAging Method' will do for you. I hope
it will change the way you see yourself. I hope it will inspire you to
conduct an experiment with your own life, to use your energy to become
the most fantastic, the most joyful, wondrous, beautiful, tender human
being you possibly can.

Your mind will be astonished by the beauty that's available when you put
it on the spot. Deep peace will appear. Great ideas will materialise and
expand. Joy will rise up. The only thing you need do is devote your mind
only to things you want. If you want peace, think of peace. If you want
love, think of love…

In reality, our universe is a moving, scampering energy field with infinite
possibilities, but because our eyes have locked in on problem mode,
that's what appears to be reality….

Who you think you are is not who you really are. are. You think you have
a limited life-something like 70 or 80 years-and then you wrinkle up,
get rheumatism, and then …. It's all over. But this isn't any more true
than that dream you had last night … Your body is an impostor, a tiny
fraction of who you really are. Ninety-nine percent of who you are is
invisible and untouchable. This body that you think you are-is just a
speck of who YOU really are.

Have you fallen for the trap that you, your body, and the world around
you are nothing but matter. It's not easy standing on the brink of a
revolution. These new ideas that scientists are finally starting to take
seriously are challenging everything we believe about how our world
works and how we define ourselves.

You're energy. At each moment, you mold and shape this energy by your
consciousness. You do so with every thought, every intention, every
action. How you feel; what you think, believe, and value; and how you
live your life affect how the energy flows through you. To put it in
simplest terms, this affects how you vibrate.

And how you vibrate affects what you pull in from the interlocking,
interbalancing, ever-moving energy field in which you swim. You pull out
of this field and into your world anything that happens to be vibrating on
the same frequency or wavelength. Let's say you're feeling excited, joyful,
and grateful. Those emotions send out high-frequency vibrations that
magnetize more things to be excited, joyful, and grateful about. Anything
with the same high frequency will prance on over to your energy field…..
Use it to your advantage…

#Rejuvenation at a Quajnrum Level#